Mar 10, 2013
Ads3kw and Leo TSA get busy with brushes and sponges.
May 28, 2012
Shin-Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. All photos copyright Ryosuke.
Throw-ups on barf bags by some of the world`s best globe-trotting graf writers and street artists.
Mar 4, 2012
Some of the 180 barf bags that our graffiti correspondant Ads3KW has collected since 2004. Throwies by: 2tone 2tone 2 ads3kw ames asian wave awiz bams Bens bike britos canvas chew cosa curve dabs Day-z deos deza dilk doze drooh ekwal elicsr esow fedo fes hccb crew hims hims2 horse icer inkie joe 9 kami karma 13 katsu kattope keinom know 1 kres lunar lunar 2 mosh odnok okuda ozone peap plus prisco prisco 2 rame Remix resk revok rime rosk san sect seven site snipe spok stormie tabu the yok tofu tom david uber1 very vital and curve volt wade 1 wanto and yesca
Mar 3, 2012
an0m FLuX- THE SQUIB LOAD mixtape (produced by 3000 Worlds)